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December 10, 2023 Newsletter

November 5, 2023 Newsletter

October 29,2023 Newsletter

We have some new progress photos this week!  See our newsletter for all of the school updates.

October 22, 2023 Newsletter

This week we have information regarding pizza lunch, Flagstaff daycare registration and a presentation by Saidat!  See our newsletter for details.

October 15, 2023 Newsletter

Please see our updates regarding the fun October events as well as an opportunity to avoid making lunches a couple of days a week!

October 8, 2023 Newsletter

Building Updates, Halloween activities, school lunch information and more... see our newsletter for details.

October 1, 2023 Newsletter

This week we have Terry Fox at St. Cecilia, we are celebrating staff and there is a PD day!  See our newsletter for details.

September 10, 2023 Newsletter

This week the highlights are the open house and School Council events!  See the details in our newsletter

September 3, 2023 Newsletter

This is a LONG one and like all of our weekly newsletters it is built on the questions that we receive from parents.  Keep the questions coming!!

OSTA: School Bus Safety Event

Is this your child’s first time on the bus or walking to school? Learn all about School Bus Safety and Pedestrian Safety at the in-person School Bus and Pedestrian Safety Day event on Sunday, August 27, at one of the seven locations across Ottawa. 

For more information or to sign up online: www.ottawaschoolbus.ca/school-bus-and-pedestrian-safety-day

Register online throughout the summer.
School starts Tuesday, September 5.

All OCSB elemenatry schools are closed throughout the summer. Register for school using our online form. If you have questions, contact our Admissions Department by email at admissions@ocsb.ca or by phone at 613-228-3338.

Welcome to Kindergarten Session

A reminder to all of our families that are registered to begin the first year of Kindergarten in the fall, we will have a welcome event at St. Benedict school beginning at 4:30pm on June 1st.  Parents and their children starting Kindergarten in the fall are invited.  If you are unable to attend, please see this Welcome to Kindergarten link that can also be found on our school website.  We look forward to meeting you on Thursday!  

May Newsletter

Please see this link for the May updates regarding St. Juan Diego.

St. Juan Diego temporary accomodation plan

Our new school building is scheduled to open in January 2024.  Until then, students living in our new school’s boundary will be hosted at other schools.

Students in Kindergarten and grades 4-5 will go to St. Benedict School. School will start at 9:25.

Students in grades 1-3 will go to St. Cecilia School. School will start at 9:10.

In January 2024, all JK-5 staff and students will relocate to the new school upon opening. Classes and teachers will remain the same. School will start at 9:15.

Grade 6 students will remain at their current school for the 2023-2024 school year. St. Juan Diego grade 6 students who are new registrations will attend either St. Benedict or St. Cecilia for the 2023-2024 school year. This will be assessed based on place of residence and 2022-2023 attendance boundaries.